Ashley/Sarah Clothes Switch

Infinite AR - Episode 2080

The girl looked down and said, "Now me! Ashley is in charge!" Ashley took little Sarah by the hand and took her to the restroom. Sarah, kept tripping over her new oversized clothes. Once inside a stall, Ashley took off her tiny T-shirt. Her new boobs bounded out and jiggled around. She reached down and took off the T- shirt off of Sarah. Sarah just looked up and didn't say anything. Ashely easily took the useless bra off of Sarah and gently hefted her new boobs into the cups. She tugged the T-shirt over her head and adjusted her new bust. Sarah could barely see Ashley's face, her boobs stuck out too much. Ashley squirmed out of the tight skirt cover-all and pulled down her ripped panties. Ashley put her old shirt on Sarah and helped her out of her large sweatpants and useless thong. Sarah put on the skirt cover-all and Ashley's old tennis shoes. Ashley pulled up the thong around her new ass and pulled the sweatpants back up. She slid into Sarah's old flip- flops. "Well, I think we're done..." said Ashley

  1. Their bodies start to change again
  2. They head out to the food court
  3. SE
  4. Ashley returns to the well and makes another Wish

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