That may have been a mistake.

Infinite AR - Episode 207

The girl turns around and has a steel look in her eyes.

 She slowly turns around as Jim thinks he may have made a mistake in slapping her pert little buttocks

"Now, why would you do that, Hmmm?" she asked with a sarcastic whim. "Uh, No Reason..." Jim stuttered looking shocked at her humored look.

"Really...well, you are absolutly the cutest troublemaker I have ever had the pleasure of slapping me on the tush. Would you like to join my at my apartment for a drink?"

Jim looks around and wonders if it is a good idea.

After a few seconds he responds...

  1. "Sure, why not" Jim senses no Danger at all
  2. "No, I have plans" Something is up.
  3. "Lets go to my place instead." Something MAY be up

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Donny Hall

11/14/2005 9:46:24 PM

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