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Infinite AR - Episode 20368

Jim enters the enormous store which has replaced Grandall. His manager Gregorio walks up to him and smiles. "Jim, just who I needed to see. You are to start immediately on your new post. All contracts in our old company were voided since Grandall doesn't exist anymore. As a result you can choose to be unemployed or join our ranks. You can start on a higher rank than the newbies" Gregorio says. "I suppose I will join you since I can't afford to be unemployed right now" Jim replies. "Excellent, you can start right away, training while you work" Gregorio says and points Jim towards his new working station. "Just to be clear, what will I be doing?" Jim asks sceptically. "Oh of course, well we have bought this new building to replace Grandall. We now make Children for people" Gregorio said as if it did not sound insane. "You mean like a lab?" Jim asked questioning the sanity of Gregorio. "No, we take all the parts necessary to create a child, put them together and sell them out on the floor, now get to your station before I have to report you" Gregorio replied. As Jim approached his station he read a sign saying "Rejects". To his shock he found a pile of what appeared to be hundreds of dead people at the end of a conveyor belt. He was further dismayed to see them turned into what appeared to be paste. The paste was then delivered via tubes to recreate new children. Severely sickened Jim decided to take this morally unethical situation up with his manager and realized that he was being followed. As he turned the last corner a giant net enveloped him and he found himself on the way back to his station. Yet this time he was on the conveyor belt, and he soon realized the people going into the pasting machine were not all children, but former employees. As he entered the pasting machine he could feel his genetic material being ripped apart atom for atom before being pumped through the tubes. His consciousness floated through the tubes towards a mold in which he felt himself becoming rebuilt. When Jim could see again he was inside a store on a shelf, unable to move. He looked down and saw that he was now...

  1. a boy.
  2. a girl.
  3. sexless.

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