Dat Ass

Infinite AR - Episode 20286

Mike slowly moved the slider outward, and stared transfixed at Natalie's ass. A moment passed as Natalie's jeans held for a moment before a slight tear began at the seam. "Oooooh...," Natalie moaned. "Feels... so... fucking... goood..." Her jeans tore open as a wave of flesh splayed out behind her, larger than her ass had ever been. Her white panties rode up, quickly looking more like a thong with every passing minute as her massive ass engulfed the material.

Mike's jaw hung open as Natalie pulled the jean scraps off her legs and began to feel her soft, jiggling ass. Even as she did so, Mike continued to expand her ass, right beneath her fingertips. He watched as what looked like a fluid wave come forth from Nat's hips and flow to the end of her ass, causing it to bubble outward.

"Fuuuuuck...," she moaned again, her hands cradling her massive ass. Even still her ass flowed outward until it crept over her hands, leaving it a mound of soft, sexy flesh that jiggled with her every move. Combined with her equally large hips, Natalie's massive rear would turn the head of every man she came across.

Mike was no exception. He wanted nothing more than to get he cock into that ass and pump away. A thin line of drool came from the corner of his lips. Well, now...

  1. Time to fuck that sexy MILF.
  2. Let's make some more changes...

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