Awaiting Further Commands...

Infinite AR - Episode 20251

The LCD screen on the back of the ray gun read: "AWAITING FURTHER COMMANDS..." and number of dials lite up, as well as several command keys on the LCD screen. The possibilities seemed limitless!

"What the hell did you just do? What was that?" Natalie stared at the ray gun in Mike's hand. She remained the same: long black hair, huge tits held back by a low-cut blouse, tight jeans that showed off her fully formed ass, and light, pale skin that did not fit her 40 years of age. "Uhh...," she moaned, "I feel funny."

This thing had a button for everything! Mike goggled at the device, unsure of what to do next.

  1. Press: Height Change
  2. Press: Hair Change
  3. Press: Skin Change
  4. Press: Gender Change
  5. Press: Age Change
  6. Press: Body Change

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