Going For The Gun

Infinite AR - Episode 20234

Looks like Jim's gun is going to get some use. Natalie picked up her former son's device and held it up curiously, oblivious to her still half-naked appearance. "So you... and your girlfriend... in my clothes... were playing with this... toy?"

"Hey, I'm as confused as you are," Mike started to explain. "Nat, why don't you put on some clothes while we try and puzzle this out?" Katie and Jim's mother looked down at herself before blushing once more. She'd rather gotten used to the breeze. She started to pull on her rather revealing outfit that Katie was previously wearing as she tried not to make eye contact with Mike.

As for the gun...

  1. Mike uses the gun on Natalie.
  2. Natalie uses the gun on Mike.
  3. Natalie tosses the gun aside. Kids these days...

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3/13/2011 12:53:44 AM

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