Meeting Mom

Infinite AR - Episode 20230

On Mike's patio stood a woman of her early 40s. She wore only a lacy bra and panties and was peering around the area slowly, covering up her exposed skin with her arms and hands as much as possible.

"Uuh...," Mike was at a loss for words. She wasn't unattractive for her age. As a matter of fact, she was a stone cold MILF. Raven black hair flowed down her back across her pale skin. Her breasts were barely constrained by her bra and her panties only seemed to accentuate her hourglass figure. "Damn, look at those hips," Mike thought to himself.

"OH!" the woman shouted, turning a bright shade of crimson. "I-I... I know this looks bad..."

"Not at all," he said with a smile. His gaze roamed her body.

"Well, I've been looking for my clothes... and... well, my door was open. Maybe they... blew over here?" She quickly began to realize how weak her theory sounded. She blushed again, and began to back away.

"Clothes? Well, I have some extras inside... My, uh, girlfriend left them." Mike wasn't about to let a perfect opportunity like this go to waste. He opened the back door to let the woman in.

She stepped inside with only the slightest of pauses, still covering her half-naked body. "I'm Natalie, by the way. I'm, uh," she paused a long moment, "...your neighbor." She let out a little chuckle at this. "Not exactly the best way to introduce myself, huh?"

"I certainly beg to differ," Mike remarked absently as he watched her walk through the house. "The clothes are over there." He gestured to where he and Katie were previously preparing to fuck.

Natalie's brow furrowed as she picked the skimpy clothes up. "These are mine..." She shot a worried glance at Mike, who looked as surprised as she was.

"Woah, look, I don't know. This woman just...," Mike trailed off as things started to come together in his mind. Neighbor... same clothes... so much sex... Looks like Katie was Natalie's sister! She must have been over for a visit. "Uh, hey, Natalie? Do you have a sist-"

"Woah, what's this?" Natalie interrupted, now partially clothed with the shirt pressing her breasts up further. She held Jim's ray gun in her hand and stared at it with curious intent.

Mike shrugged. Well, looks like it's time to...

  1. Get some sex on. These balls have to get drained.
  2. What's up with that gun?
  3. Ugh, this is too much. Nap time.

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