Okay, maybe that was a little too far...

Infinite AR - Episode 20216

Katie gulped and pressed the screen where it stated "100%." If you're going to do anything, do it all the way!

A moment passed before Katie felt anything. She felt a warmth spreading all over her body as her senses suddenly began to sharpen. The stains that she and Mike had left on the floor came into focus almost immediately. Every sound seemed amplified as it rebounded around the room. It may have been partially due to the fact that Katie's ears were growing larger and took on a more angular shape.

Then, as if she were melting, Katie's sexy 30-year old body slowly began to shrink. She passed by 5 feet in a heartbeat, watching as the floor rose up to meet her. Her back felt like it was stretching and constricting as she shrunk, and it no longer became comfortable to stand up straight. She fell forward onto her hands, which slowly reshaped themselves into paws right before her eyes. The soft pads on her new paws cushioned the fall, even as pain shot through her back. It felt as though...

"Oh, no!" Katie managed to shout, her voice sounding smaller and higher-pitched than before. "It can't be... I'm... growing a-"

Even as she uttered the words, her spine extended into a long, hairless tail that swept out just above her still voluptuous ass. It didn't remain that way for long, as thin black fur began to crow all over her body, even as her own hair started to recede back into her head.

"Ow!" Katie shouted as the fur grew. "Ow! Eoow! Meeeeoooow!"

Her breasts began to shrink slowly back into her chest as her long tail swiped at the air impotently. Her ears settled near the crown of her head just as her nose began to elongate into a small snout, complete with cold button nose. The shrinking process finished, leaving her a little less than a foot tall. Her once magnificent D-Cups were long gone, and her vagina was no longer within sight. Finally, long whiskers extended out from the sides of her snout, completing the look.

Katie had fully become a cat.

  1. Well, guess that's that.
  2. Are you kidding me? Time to save Jeff!

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