Katie the Katgirl!

Infinite AR - Episode 20212

"Well," Katie thought, "maybe this will do something helpful." Apparently Jim was no longer a concern of Katie's.

She pressed the button with the cat image, and gave a little start when she saw on image on the LCD screen. It was a silhouette of her body with a number of percentages alongside it! It started at the top with 100%, before moving down to 75%, then 50%, 25%, and finally 0%.

"Huh? I wonder what this is going to be like."

  1. 100%! Full steam ahead!
  2. 75%. Don't want to go too far.
  3. 50%. Good medium.
  4. 25%. Just a little bit.
  5. 0%. You didn't even change anything!

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3/8/2011 12:09:02 AM

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