Katie Gives Mike a Hand

Infinite AR - Episode 20200

Screw it, she didn't need Jim to create any more problems for her. This is my chance to get rid of him for good.

She picked up the pace on his cock, quickly moving her fist up and down. Mike was bucking his hips in time with her, fucking her hand. It took probably only two minutes for him to release his pent up cum.

With a groan, the first spurt shot out the end of his cock, landing on his belly. The next few weren't quite as powerful, dribbling down his cock and her hand.

Katie looked down at her hand. So this was all that was left of Jim, she thought as she slowly stroked his now slippery cock with her hand. The sperm that could recreate him was somewhere in all this cum is his sperm, maybe even on her hand. But it was never going to make it to her pussy now. He was gone, unmade, never to return. Just one of millions of sperm swimming around in the cum on them. With no sperm to fertlize it, The egg inside of her that was the other half that created him would be gone in a month as well, leaving no trace that he ever existed

She picked up and nearby towel and wiped off her hand, then gently taking his cock in her hand, she wiped that off as well. She then unceremoniously threw it on the floor next to the couch.

The moral implications to dooming someone to non-existence didn't even cross her mind as she began to strip off her clothes.

“So, how was that?” She asked him. He could still barely grown from the explosive orgasm. “Mind if I have a little fun now?”

  1. Katie masturbates for him
  2. Mike and Katie have sex
  3. Katie gets younger again
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