Virgin Sex~

Infinite AR - Episode 20191

Mike couldn't believe his luck, this young lady was practically gagging for sex and so was he as he stared at Katie and groaned, feeling his cock pressing against the underwear he wore and restrained by his jeans as Katie noticed this and found her hands moving of their own accord, slowly unzipping the zipper of the jeans and then undoing them and popping the button off. After she had done that, she then proceeded to slowly tug them down and pulled Mike out of them and into the bedroom, dragging him in by the waistband of his underwear as she then stopped and pulled off her tops to reveal her perfect breasts and for a moment, all thoughts of Jim#s safety was gone from her mind, she wanted that cock, she wanted to taste it, suck on it and so she did exactly that. She tore down Mike's underwear and began to suck from it happily, taking over half the length of his cock into her willing mouth as she seemed to become alive with sexual need, wanting sexual satisfaction as she put her hand down to her strawberry patterned panties and began to massage her clitoris through the fabric of the panties.

  1. Katie Gives Mike The Best Blowjob Ever~
  2. Katie gives Mike a Titwank~
  3. Katie Doesn't Care About Jim, She Wants Her Own Fun~

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3/5/2011 1:02:14 PM

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