Jim life goes gets turned over.

Infinite AR - Episode 20186

Jim decided who to bring. He decides he should invite his sister. To make up for all the sibling rivalry. When he tells his sister his sister realises that would be a perfect chance to go back and change some things. Jim sister asks, "Where is the time machine and how does it work does it change your age?" Jim replies, "I have it in the basement and it has dials to guide you also you can click yes or no on age change." Jims sister says devilishy "Intersting" "Before we go we should get our ID. You never know." Jim who doesnt suspect a thing go to his room to get his ID. While he does that. His sister takes some items to block his door so he cant get out. Jims door opens out. Then Jims sister goes to the basement and sees the machine and steps in she thinks about what she should do first

  1. Go back and make her family very wealthy
  2. Kill Jim and start over
  3. Humiliate Jim.
  4. SE

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3/4/2011 10:16:35 PM

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