Katie and Jim are born

Infinite AR - Episode 20181

About a week later after moving in with Mike, Amy came rushing into the bedroom from the bathroom.

"Mike, Mike I'm pregnant, we going to have a baby.", said Amy excited and holding onto a pregnancy stick.

At the news of being a father, Mike passed out.

Amy giggled, "Typical".

In the passing months, Amy and Mike got married just before she started to show. Amy's parents were happy that they were going to have grandchildren, while Mike's were not as happy because he got her pregnant before getting married first.

During one of her doctor's appointments Amy got the some news about her pregnancy.

The nurse looked at the monitor of the ultrasound. "Congratulations, you're having twins."

"Really", smiled Amy, she always dreamed of becoming a mother, now she was having two babies. "Are they boys or girls?", she asked curious.

"Hard to tell at this stage, maybe in a few more months.", answered the nurse.

The discarded Katie's clothes and age control gun were forgotten by Mike as the couple got ready to the two new additions.

Amy rubbed her extended stomach as they surveyed the new nursery. "I can't decide, pink or blue".

Mike pondered and then offered a suggestion, "Why not both since we do not know the sex of the twins as of yet."

Amy smiled, "Perfect, that's why I love you. I'm thinking power blue walls with a pink trim."

"So do you want to know their sex before they're born?", asked Mike.

Amy looked down at her big stomach. "Hmmm it would be nice to know, but even nicer by a surprise. I guess I can wait until our babies are born."

They did not have to wait long, two months later, Amy's water broke and Mike rushed her to the hospital. After a grueling five hours of labor, Amy gave birth.

"Congratulations," announced the female doctor. "You have ..."

  1. Two baby girls
  2. Two baby boys
  3. A boy(Katie) and a girl(Jim)
  4. A girl (Katie) and a boy(Jim)
  5. SE

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