Jim soul is judged on where he goes

Infinite AR - Episode 20173

After Jim celing fan hit him. Jim died. And his body was cremated on his parents request. Well thats it for Jim or so you think. After Jim died the grim reaper came knocking on his door. And retreived Jim soul Jim looked around and asked if he was dead. The reaper said yes. Jim asked where is he going. The reaper said judgement. Jim said what. The reaper said they will explain it to you So the reaper took Jim a court place. After grueling hours of evidence on Jims life. They finally decide where to put him. But first they erase Jims memory and let where ever he goes to explane why

  1. Jims was good so he goes to Heaven
  2. Jim was bad so he goes to Hell
  3. They cant decide so Jim restarts
  4. SE
  5. Jim was neutral..so he is reborn

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