Little too tight

Infinite AR - Episode 20163

Katie ran her smooth hands over her tight body once more, getting turned on by her own underage body. It was only two years difference from this morning, but what a difference it was! She ran back to her room and stared at her bras. Much too small to wear now, she tossed it aside and began eyeing up her panties. She picked out a strawberry patterned pair that clung tight to her newly widened ass. They accentuated every curve, appearing to be almost painted onto her sexy body.

"God damn," she breathed, "these look better now then they ever have."

She pulled on a pair of jeans that squeezed her just as impressively. Her ass looked like a melon constrained by the too small jeans. They didn't quite cover her ankles, but it was no matter; the plan was for them to come off quickly anyway. Pulling on a baby-tee (that seemed to earn it's name more appropriately now), Katie strutted across to Mike's home next door.

She knocked on the door, and plastered an innocent smile across her face. Mike opened the door to see Katie, D-Cup chest barely constrained by a pink shirt that struggled to hold back the massive tits and pants that would near ready to burst. She fidgeted perfectly, and tried to think about what every man would love to hear at this point...

"Hi," she said in an awkward and nervous voice. "I, um... like, am lost. I was, um, wonderin' if you had a phone I could, like, use?"

Mike didn't notice that the girl standing before him was the same woman he ran from just that morning. He didn't notice much else beyond those amazing breasts that hung so perfectly beneath her thin shirt. In the light, he could make out Katie's nipples thanks to the absence of her bra. Mike felt his cock getting hard just staring at the girl. Somewhere within his balls, Jim was swimming about, ready to pump into his former sister.

"Uh, yeah, sure," Mark managed to say, not once taking his eyes off of Katie's fantastic rack. He opened the door to let Katie in, his gaze following her as she passed through.

Katie turned around with a coy smile. "So, like, where's your phone?" she said with a giggle. She herself stared at the bulge that was rapidly growing in the front of Mike's pants. She know that she needed to get that cock inside of her.

To, uh, save Jim. Right.

"Yeah, let me show you," Mike said as he started to walk by. Katie caught his arm and pressed herself against him.

"Like, maybe there's something else you could show me?" she lifted her shirt to press her breasts against Mike. Her body seemed to be working on her own, driven by pure lust and hormones. She wanted that cock. Needed that cock.

  1. Mike chickens out!?
  2. Time to go back to the bedroom.

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