Katie and Jim's new parents

Infinite AR - Episode 20162

�She must be naked, she left her clothes here.�, thought Mike. His throbbing member slowly deflated. �Man I�m still horny.�, he sighed. Just then the front door bell rang. �Ding Dong�. �I�m coming. I�m coming�, Mike shouted while pulling up pants. Inside Mike scrotum, the sperm of Jim and Katie swam with others.

Mike opened the door and was greeted by his 19 year old girlfriend from college, Amy. She was wearing a short pleaded white skirt and pink tank top. Her blonde hair was pulled into a pony tail, waving in the breeze.

�Amy, what are you doing here?�, asked Mike, his member started to stiffen again from the beautiful sight in from of him.

�I�m not sure, for some reason I started to get really aroused and was pulled to come here.�, said Amy. She spotted the bulge growing in Mikes pants. �I see you�re horny as well.� Unknown to both of them, two eggs had left her ovaries and were headed to her womb, she was fertile.

Without any warning, Amy rushed into Mike and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. During their long kissing, their hands roamed the others body. Their make out session by the door was getting intense.

�Be better head in before the neighbors catch us.�, moaned Mike as Amy rubbed his stiff member in her pants.

Amy looked down and noticed that her skirt was pulled up exposing her pink lacey panties to anyone who looked. �Oops, guess your right�, she blushed. She quickly pulled down her skirt to cover herself.

The two lovers walked into the house and closed the front door. Amy pulled Mike into the bedroom.

Amy grinned seductively, �Now where were we�.

Mike grinned in response, �Right here�. He grabbed Amy and kissed her deeply.

Mike and Amy�s foreplay was slow and passionate. They wanted it to last as long as they could. By the time they removed the others clothes, twenty minutes had passed and Amy had a round of orgasms from Mike�s fondling.

Amy pulled Mike on top of her, �I can�t stand it any longer, I need you now�, she moaned.

Mike understood and the two made love as best as two lovers could. At the peak of their pleasure, Mike could not hold out any longer.

�Ahhhhhhhhhhh�, Mike moaned as he pumped streams of semen into Amy�s awaiting fertile womb.

The feeling of Mike seed splashing inside of her, sent her into another round of orgasms. �Ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhh�, she moaned and bucked her hips into Mike.

Exhausted from their love making, Mike and Amy slept cuddled to each other. Both of their clothes were spread all over Mike�s bedroom floor. Inside of Amy�s womb, two sperm, formally Katie and Jim, raced against others to fertilize the two eggs.

�I want to be born�, thought Katie�s sperm as she swam as fast as her sperm tail to take her.

�Katie messed up big time, I need to be born to get back at her�, thought Jim as he twitched his tail. He did not know that Katie was also a sperm with the millions around him.

Katie and Jim fought off Mike�s sperm as they made their way to the eggs they sensed were there. Soon they spotted the two eggs in the womb and they doubled their efforts in getting to them.

�Noooo�, screamed Katie in her sperm mind as she spotted another sperm about to enter one of the eggs. She sped up and rammed into the other sperm. �It�s mine�, she thought. Katie forced her way into the egg. �I made it�, cheered Katie as she fully entered the egg.

Jim had felt another sperm ram into him, �Hey that was mine.� He saw the other sperm enter the egg. �Shoot, at least there is another one.� He raced towards it as fast as he could. �Mine mine�, Jim cheered as he forced his sperm head into the other egg.

Jim and Katie were now fertilized eggs in Amy�s womb, slowly growing and dividing. Mike and Amy had just become the new parents of Jim and Katie.

Hours later Mike woke up. �That was wonderful�, he whispered. Feeling a little hungry, he got out of the bed and went into the living room. He spotted Katie�s clothes on the floor. �Shoot, Amy will kill me if she see�s them�.

Mike quickly scooped up the clothes, the age controlling gun falling onto the floor as he stuffed the clothes under the sofa.

�Whew that was close�, sighed Mike. His stomach grumbled. �Time to eat.�

Mike headed to the kitchen to grab some food.

Amy woke up feeling great, �Hmm that was the best sex we have ever had�, she smiled. She grabbed Mike�s discarded shirt on the floor and put it on. It went down just enough to cover her privates as she walked out of the room. Some of Mike�s semen was leaking out and dripping down her leg. Smelling something cooking, she headed to the kitchen.

�So what�s cooking hot stuff�, cooed Amy as she sat down.

�Just grilling some hamburgers�, replied Mike.

Amy tapped the table a few times, �You know I�ve been thinking.�

�About what?�, asked Mike.

�Well maybe I should move in and we�ll really be a couple.�, smiled Amy. �That way we can do what we did earlier more often�, she grinned.

Mike gulped a couple of times, �Sure why not�.

  1. Amy discovers she pregnant
  2. Mike discovers the age gun
  3. Amy discovers the age gun
  4. Jim and Katie's former parents go looking for them
  5. SE

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