Jerking Off Jim And Katie~

Infinite AR - Episode 20160

Mike couldn't believe his luck, there he was, about to fuck the hot and willing Katie when he had opened up his eyes to realize that she was gone and only her clothes remained as his cock throbbed angrily, wanting release as one hand reached down and began to massage his length frantically due to the amazing pressure building in his balls, yet he didn't want to get in trouble by having his cum splashing everywhere. Looking around for something to catch the cum in, he spotted Katie's strawberry panties and grabbing them, wrapped them around his hard throbbing cock and began to masturbate, pushing himself over the edge. Katie may have left him but he wasn't going to just not enjoy himself......

  1. Mike Cums~~ Jim And katie Are No More~
  2. Mike Cums and then discovers the raygun?~

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3/12/2011 4:44:18 PM

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