Katie the Kum.

Infinite AR - Episode 20158

Katie opened her mouth to cry, knowing no other option at this point. She didn't have the sexy mature body to get Mike off and bring her brother Jim back. She didn't even have a young, possible illegal body to tempt him into cumming. Instead, she was just a newborn baby at a stranger's feet. At least she wouldn't-

There was a feeling of warmth running through her tiny body once more. Her mind raced, not knowing what could happen next. Seeing as her brother had turned into nothing but gooey cum seeping from her once mature pussy, she began to see the same fate in her future. But without a pussy nearby to regress into, what would happen?

She turned her head, her muscles unable to do such a thing without the intervention of the ray gun's influence, and found herself facing Mike's cock. She watched as the head seemed to grow larger and larger until she was able to fit into the shaft. She felt like she was floating and wondering how she possibly could be.

That was her last sentient thought as Katie had become an amorphous pile of cum that flowed into Mike's still rigid cock. Mike let loose a gasp of pleasure as it felt his member fill with a glorious orgasmic feeling. When the feeling passed, he felt the weight of his massive balls, which now swung like a small pendulum beneath him.

"Damn, Katie, how'd you do that without making me...," Mike looked around. "Katie?" Mike then noticed the pile of clothes at his feet, and began to wonder.

  1. Time for Mike to look for Katie. He needs to relieve the pressure.
  2. This is taking too long. Might as well jerk it out.
  3. ...Hey, what's that sticking out of her pocket?
  4. Ding, dong!

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