No hope now.

Infinite AR - Episode 20144

Katie knew only one person could save her from whatever was going on, and that person was currently an unborn sperm floating in the sack of her sexy stud of a neighbor. But what could she do at this point?

Katie stared at her hands hopelessly. There was no way she could save Jim now; not with clumsy, inexperienced hands... and she wasn't sure how she felt about being alone with a man this old at this point. If only she could go back to playing outside instead of trying to-

Her body heated up once more, and she watched as the world around her began to shrink. Before long, a newborn baby lay at Mike's feet. A baby that this morning was 15, became 30 and was pregnant with her brother before fucking him into her neighbor. To be fair, it only seemed proper to Katie that things end this way.

Well, that's what she would have thought if she had the mind for such things any more.

  1. Katie cries and alerts Mike.
  2. Katie retains her mind and tries to hide.
  3. A final backwards growth spurt!?

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3/3/2011 12:03:26 AM

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