Not much time left.

Infinite AR - Episode 20143

Katie's hands now simultaneously worked Mike's shaft frantically. Hopefully all the gun had done was reverse the changes she went through that morning. She stared at the hard cock intently, hoping for even a dribble of pre-cum.

Then the warmth came again.

Her hair began to flow backwards into her head, stopping just short of her neck and leaving her with a set of dark bangs that occasionally fell into her eyes. She felt her stomach pulling in as her young metabolism kicked into overdrive. Her breasts had disappeared entirely and she felt her pussy start to ache. She slipped out of her cumbersome clothes in time to see her thin pubic hairs slowly slip back into her body. Her vagina became smaller and smaller, and her arms weaker.

"Aah!" came Katie's tiny voice. She was around 7 or 8 now.

"Katie?" Mike asked, hearing her shout.

"Erm... nothing! Enjoy this!"

  1. Another backwards growth spurt!
  2. Time to escape!
  3. Mike has to take a peek.

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