The plan falls apart.

Infinite AR - Episode 20138

Oh, fuck! thought Katie. The ray gun must have done this! I've got finish him off fast before this get's any-

Katie never got through that thought as another warm tingle spread through her body. Mike's already massive dick got larger in her shrinking hands as she tried to vain to work it. Around her, she felt her mom's sexy shirt start to slowly slip down as her breasts began to recede backwards. D-Cups were long gone, and the C-Cups were fading away quickly, too.

"Hey, Katie-" Mike said, lifting his head from it's reclined position.

"SHHH!" she said, trying to make herself sound older. "Keep your eyes closed, baby. I want this to be... uh, mysterious and sexy?" Seeming to believe that, Mike leaned back once more as Katie had to deal with her problem. As she examined her body, she quickly realized she was back to 15, the way she was that morning!

  1. The regression stops there. She has to save Jim!
  2. Another backwards growth spurt!

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