Going backwards.

Infinite AR - Episode 20137

Katie unzipped Mike's pants, and pulled out his throbbing hard cock. "This is going too fast...," Mike said. "I mean, I don't even know your name."

"It's Katie," she said as she started to work over his member with her hands. She stopped for a moment when she noticed that the husky, seductive quality to her voice was gone. She looked at her hands, cradling Mike's impressive dick, and noticed that all signs of age had left them. With another glance, she looked at her breasts, which were still filling out her D-Cup bra, but seemed more firm in the low-cut top. Just then, a shiver of pleasure crept up her spine as she felt her pussy heat up and tighten. She must be around 18 years old now. She was getting younger!

Mike seemed unaware of these changes, as he had sunk down to a nearby seat and now leaned back with his eyes closed. As long as nothing else funny happened, Katie could still save Jim!

  1. Another backwards growth spurt!?
  2. Katie gives him a quick handjob with her new energy.
  3. Katie sucks Mike off. She can still spit Jim out!
  4. Katie rides that hard cock! She'll get her brother back one way or the other.

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