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Infinite AR - Episode 20129

Katie slipped the ray gun into her pocket and, with one more glance at her sexy self in the mirror, jogged outside and over to Mike's house. She knocked on the door and waited until Mike's head peeked out from the halfway open door.

"Uhh...," he said, still rather embarrassed by what happened before.

Katie pushed open the door and slammed it shut behind her. "Look, I'm sorry about this morning," she started, "but I really need to finish with you." She paused and looked Mike in the eye for a moment before blushing, "I mean... we have to finish."

"I don't know-" Mike was interrupted as Katie pressed herself against Mike for a deep kiss. Her hands quickly reached to his pants to start pulling down the zipper.

Sorry, Mike, she thought, but I need to save my brother.

  1. Mike refuses again.
  2. Katie gives Mike a blowjob.
  3. Katie gives Mike a handjob.
  4. Katie and Mike have sex.
  5. Katie and Mike have anal sex.
  6. Katie has a growth spurt... Backwards!

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