Well, that can't be good.

Infinite AR - Episode 20128

As the ray zapped her, Katie winced. Something didn't feel right about this. The first time it hit her, the ray felt warm and tingly. Now it felt like there was a slight static running across her skin. Sure enough, she felt her hairs standing on end, but quickly pushed the thought aside as she examined the ray gun.

A thin stream of smoke issued from the back of the gun, along with a fizzing, popping sound. "Oh, shit. I've got to figure a way to get Jim back so he can fix this damn thing! Stupid older... er, younger brother."

Katie pulled her panties back on, still damp from her previous arousal, and began hunting for clothes to fit her. She ran into her mother's room and hurriedly put on some of her more revealing outfits. She turned to face the mirror.

Her long black hair rested across her open shoulders, thanks to her mother's low cut blouse. She even found some sexy tight, fitting leggings that curved around her ass perfectly. She allowed just the hint of a thong to peak out from beneath, to tease at Mike and get him in the mood. Speaking of which, her ass seemed even tighter than before; still soft and jiggly, but more pert than she remembered. Even her breasts seemed perkier.

"Damn, I'll be one sexy bitch, even when I'm thirty," Katie commented, giving herself another longing glance.

  1. Enough goofing around, let's get to Mike's!
  2. Jim can wait a little longer, let's explore this body.
  3. Wait. Tighter ass? Perkier breasts? This could be bad.

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