Jailbait Katie

Infinite AR - Episode 20126

Time to go for that "young" look. Katie aimed the gun at herself and squeezed the trigger. Hormones rushed through her body as she felt her skin tightening against her slimmer figure. Her breasts shrank a little, but made up for it with their perky nature. Her pussy began to twitch and ache as she felt her hymen grow back into place. It was going to be a little more painful if she had to go too far with Mike.

Katie ran to the mirror, as energy poured back into her body. She was astonished; a flat stomach, pouty lips, bright eyes, to say nothing of her more... feminine qualities. Her breasts stayed D-Cups, but now seemed to defy gravity a little more as they stood at attention as she gently massaged them. Her heart-shaped ass was tight and round, sticking out enough for Mike to get a firm grasp on. Even as she thought about his rough hands handling her young body, she could feel her aching pussy heat up. A thin, wet dribble made it's way out from her tight, pert cunt emphasizing her eagerness to test out her new body.

She had to focus, though! Her brother's life was at stake, and she couldn't let her hormones get the better of her! Of course, it helped that her young body was ready and willing to work as hard as possible to coax a load of Jim seed out of Mike. Now she needed to right outfit to really seduce him...

  1. Just use her old clothes. They may be small, but they'll do.
  2. Mom's old cheerleading outfit. Guy's like that, right?
  3. Mom's "sexy clothes."
  4. Who needs an outfit? He's just next door!

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3/3/2011 1:40:11 AM

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