"Baby" Jim in Daycare

Infinite AR - Episode 20079

"Now, your father and I have several things to take care of, including setting up your new nursery, and buying baby so precious little outfits! So, in the meantime, Mommy's going to take little Jimmy to stay in daycare! Won't that be fun?"

Jim rolls his eyes and grumbles irritably.

"Now, now," chides his mother, "don't be a grumpy puss!" She shoves a pacifier in his mouth, then. "You just suckle that, Sweetie. Trust me, it will make you feel better."

Jim lets out an exasperated sigh around the rubber nipple as his mother carries him to the car.

Soon, they arrive at daycare. Jim looks around, and can't help noticing that most of the daycare workers are quite hot, and slightly younger than the age he used to be. Jim goes and around and tries to play with the other children, until finally, the inevitable: he needs to poop, badly! He tries his best to hold it, but he knows it will have to come out, soon. Filled with panic and hopelessness, Jim hears himself begin to cry out loud. One of the daycare workers, a cute, athletic, blonde in blue short shorts, and a tight t shirt, comes running over to him.

"Awwe, she coos," poor baby, what's wrong?"

She picks him up, cradling him against her nice, full, bosom, and rocks him back and forth. Jim can't help enjoying this, especially having his face up against a breast which is almost as big as his head. Soon, he forgets his embarrassment, but there is something else he has forgotten, as well....

Jim suddenly feels himself letting s huge load into his diapers!

"Oh dear!" She says. "Smells like someone made a stinky, stinky! Let's go get you changed."

She carries the messy Jim over to the change table, and soon, he is having his bare bottom wiped by this bust beauty. As Jim gazes down her shirt, he suckles harder on his paci, wishing it was HER nipple he is sucking. As she covers his crotch with baby oil. Jim is shocked to notice himself developing a tiny erection. He blushes as she giggles at him. Soon, he is powdered and diapered.

"Aright, Sweetie," she says, "Now it's nap time"

'Great' thinks Jim.

  1. Beg to Nap in Her Arms
  2. Try to See if You can Still Masterbate
  3. Go to Sleep In Your Crib Like a Good Baby
  4. Try to Climb Out of the Crib

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