Jim regresses into a baby against his will

Infinite AR - Episode 20075

As Jim starts to wake up the first thig he notices is that hes not in the bed he fell asleep in. He was in a crib. Jim freeked out and then saw a mirror and saw a baby in a crib. Jim stared for a moment and asked himself is that me. Then he asked whate where am I is this a dream. His mother who heard her son came in and said hello little guy. Jim asked what happened his mother said oh we decided to turn you back into a baby and we are going to be in our twenties forever like you. Jim freaked out. What how did this happen. Jims mom explained that the weird taste in his food was two things sleeping pills and age regression pills they bought. Jim asked where they got it. His mom said a nice gypsie we went to her about our aging problem she gave us the pills we asked about you she gave us one more. And said if you need anything just asked. So your father is going to sell your car. And the gypsie will cast a spell once we call her to wipe out everyones memory of you. You will be a baby for ever. Oh and you might want to say all you want tonight after you sleep you wont be able to talk anymore you will have all your memories but other than that you will be a baby. No more bowel control no more walking your muscles are weak and since your immortal dont worry about dying. Jim said oh my god your crazy. Jims mom grabbed him and laid him down removed his diaper and spanked Jim. His mom said I think your humiliation will be the most fun or spanking you. Remember Jim babies dont make decisions parents do. If someone thinks you wet they will put there hand down your pants. And wont wonder if your erect. If you are they will laugh and say how cute. Also no one care if someone strips you naked and changes you. And remembering when you were a baby before you will get alot of changing. One more thing

  1. Jim has to go to daycare.
  2. Jim goes to the store.
  3. SE
  4. One more thing

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