The boys blow up Jims Dick

Infinite AR - Episode 20060

After everyone got a chance to have sex with girl Jim they decide to change him back. One of the boys asked what would happen if we put an object like a dildo in Jims vagina and changed him back while he has it in. Then someone else said good question lets do it. Then someone ran off and came back with a dildo. Jim had no idea where he got it or who used it. Then they shoved it up Jim vagina and someone said it could blow up Jims dick everyone get behind something. They change Jim back to a boy. And everyone looked at Jims dick. Jim was screaming in pain you could see the dildo stretching the penis all of a sudden boom like someone filled Jim penis with air and it tore and blew right off splattering blood all over the place. Someone said a joke Even though Jim not a girl anymore is that still counted as a period Then

  1. The boys leave and Jim dies because of blood loss
  2. The boys take Jim to the hospital
  3. The boys do more damage
  4. SE

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