Jim is raped

Infinite AR - Episode 20053

After Jim is transformed into a girl one of the boys said maybe we should have some fun. Jim looked confused. Then a couple of boys came up to Jim and yelled shut the cage. Jim said I will scream and the gym coach will come. The boys said we paid him to leave we have been setting up for this. We also have camera around so we could post this online. Then they stripped Jim naked. They said beutiful. Then on of them opened a empty gym locker which wasnt so empty. They had a pare of hand cuffs in them. They grabbed Jim and handcuffed him to the bench and raped Jim until they tore his anus. And blood was coming. They then turned Jim over and shoved there dicks into Jim. Jim screamed in pain and orgasmic. Then the rest of the boys after opening the cage up. Cummed all over Jim. Then

  1. They let Jim go
  2. They change Jim back to a boy
  3. The kill Jim
  4. SE
  5. The boys blow up Jims Dick
  6. Guys being raped is bad

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2/21/2011 2:33:00 AM

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