Jim is transformed into a girl in the gym locker room

Infinite AR - Episode 20050

At the end of the day the last class Jim has is gym. He goes into the gym locker which are one way isles and look like a giant cage. The seniors use a room which is still in the locker room but other side of hall. Jim gets dressed for Jim and wonders if anybody is going to steal his machine. Jim goes to gym and after gym goes back to his locker. He freaks out his machine is missing. He then looks around trying not to look odd. He gives up and goes to his locker to get out of his gym cloth. But before he could he turnes around to see what looks like everyboy in the locker room looking at him. Then one person speaks up and says We saw you in the bathroom with your friends and this machine (holding out the machine) And we wanted to see if it works. Then they fire the machine at Jim and Jim is transformed into a girl Then

  1. Jim gets raped by the boys
  2. Jim is turned back
  3. The boys run out with the machine leaving Jim as a girl
  4. SE

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