Devilish Decisions!

Infinite AR - Episode 20030

"Ahh! Here's a pretty lovely idea!" The devil said, his forked tongue flicking about in his mouth, "Repetition is everything, my sinful little gunsel, and long periods have too much variety. Try this one on for size. Five minutes of your life to be re lived over and over, again and again for all eternity. How does that sound to you?" Jim gulped, "Not very good." A grin spread across old Nick's face that could only be described as devilish, "That is splendid news!" He said with glee, "Let's start now! But first!" there was a pause, "It says here that as a child you robbed from a church collection plate..." "Yes." Jim said, shyly. "I like that." His grin seemed to curl like a cheschire cat, "Stick it to the old blighter up stairs! Good for you old chap, do you know he never stops going on about his son? And he's a right prat too! I noticed him in the desert one morning and I though, 'hey, I'll introduce myself, offer him a bit of bread and maybe make friends!' So I went down and he told me to bugger off! I tried to help him figure out his problems, and I think I gave some good ideas too, but he sent me right back here to the hotseat. You'd think it'd get better after he died, but no! The big G still won't stop flapping his fu-" "Can we get on with everlasting torment please?" The Devil caught himself, "Oh, right, your damned aren't you? I'm sorry for going on about it but those heavenly pricks are just so irritating, I mean-" he stopped again, "Right, sorry about that Jimmy. Now, lets get to constructing your personalized damnation. You have chosen a five minute loop of one event in your life. We have what I consider to be some rather lovely options. Would you care to hear them?" Jim shrugged nonchalantly, "Sure, knock yourself out, Lucy." If looks could kill, Satan thought as he glared, Now if only souls could die. He straightened the page he retrieved from a flame that had just appeard next to his right hand, and began to read:

  1. First off, there's infancy, an eternity of having your diaper changed and fouled over and over?
  2. Secondly, OOH This is a good one! Your mother putting you in a dress for bad behavior and making you stand in the window on a Summer day! A woman after my own heart, a pity she went to the other place.
  3. Oh but let's not forget Peter Pan! In the fifth grade when you wet yourself, infront of the entire school too!
  4. Junior high, your being attacked by bullies who drag you inti the bathrooms, dunk your head in the toilets and shave your hair off.
  5. Oh, this is a long list, if you like we could stop here, but you really had a miserable life.

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12/27/2013 7:25:06 AM

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