Jim wakes up in hell and meats the devil

Infinite AR - Episode 20027

Jim opens his eyes after dieing and realises he not on earth anymore. He cant put his fingure on it but he knows it looks familiar as if he saw it somewhere else. Then a man dressed in black goes to Jim and says hello Jim asks where he is. The mans voice changes to something evil and low why your in HELL. Jim says what. The man comes out and says I am the one who goes by many names Lucifer Satan The Devil Hades and so on. Jim asks why is he in hell. The Devil sommons a book its Jim life book. He opens it and says do to your actions on earth you are bad enough to go to hell. The Devil says though I will offer you choices what your fate will be Remember hell is about repetition shoes your path The devil offers

  1. Jim to restart life but the most abusive life.
  2. Stay in hell and be punished
  3. To go through one senario over and over again
  4. SE

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