The Call of Destiny

Infinite AR - Episode 2

Jim quickly made his way to the phone and picked it up. He quickly said "Hello?" "Listen here, boy. I have been watching you for quite some time. Now before you call me a stalker of something, know that I have the ability to make all of your wildest fantasies a reality. I know you won't believe me now, but if you are at all interested, you should come down to see me. Come to 417 Cajole Street, and great things will happen." The line went dead. Jim hung up the phone, bewildered by his latest call. He noticed that the caller ID said "Unknown, Unknown". Deciding to do something, Jim...

  1. Decided to drive down to 417 Cajole Street
  2. Decided to walk down to 417 Cajole Street
  3. Ignored the call and decided to go to the mall
  4. Went on his computer to learn about the address
  5. Found that he had wet his bed while sleeping
  6. Ignored it, he had to go to school
  7. SE
  8. Ignored the phone call and went back to sleep
  9. Jim cant because he is feeling ill
  10. Ignored it and decided to work in his labatory
  11. Another Call, from his girlfriend
  12. Ignore the call and go to his babysitting job
  13. Went to take a bath
  14. Jim gets ready for a big day
  15. Went to Put a diaper on
  16. Jim ignores it and goes to work
  17. Harry and Hermione went to a new mall
  18. Jim got a letter
  19. Jim at the mall ran into his school friend Harry Potter
  20. met sharon to explore a old inventers house
  21. got a invite in the mail
  22. Family Wishes
  23. Family coppyed
  24. got something in the mail
  25. Jim dies
  26. Jim Plays a Video Game
  27. Rachel's package
  28. Family birthday
  29. Olivia woke up one morning to find
  30. an address to tawn hall
  31. Exploring a old part of Hogwarts
  32. Jim sees a gypsie at the address
  33. Harry is Alone at the Burrow
  34. Olivia (unrelated)
  35. Cassie
  36. Jim notices something odd
  37. Jim stops at a yard sale
  38. Jim stops at a yard sale
  39. Jim stops at a yard sale
  40. redo
  41. josh (new story)
  42. kimmy (new story)
  43. jennifer (new story)
  44. Ignore it, Its christmas time
  45. New Years
  46. jim decides to use his new machine on this annoying caller
  47. to go to his magic tournament
  48. question
  49. Ignore, Jim is taking Sharon out in a date
  50. Abducted by tribals.
  51. stephany (new story)
  52. Mini CYOC
  53. ...spontaniously turns into a girl.
  54. Maddie (new story)
  55. Someone places a curse on Jim
  56. Amy (new story)
  57. Megan (New Story)
  58. New Cupid
  59. discovered he had powers
  60. Jim is knocked out
  61. New Option Joshua
  62. New Option Joshua
  63. opened a book.
  64. Jim is a college student living in a persons home.
  65. Global TF!
  66. new kid in school (new story)
  68. Ignore it, he had to go vacation with his parents and sister
  69. Jim goes to Sharon's house.
  70. turned on the TV.
  71. Jim goes to a new store that he thinks will give him powers
  72. Day care
  73. You are heading to your ants house
  74. Jimmy (new story)
  75. New Years Party
  76. Jim went downstairs
  77. Corrupt-a-wish
  78. New story (Amy)
  79. He watches an old movie
  80. Jim gets a strange device
  81. Hardwind
  82. You shouldn't have been a bully (new story)
  83. It was vegeta
  84. Ignore it Jim had a doctor's appointment
  85. Seriously?
  86. Okay. Okay. New Story.
  87. Go back to sleep!
  88. Leslie (new character)
  89. Katie's point of view
  90. extension
  91. New Story (Camden)
  92. Ignore it, it was moving day
  93. 16 year old Lena's story
  94. Kira (new path, new character)
  95. Brandi (different story start)
  96. This isn't going anywhere is it?
  97. Jim ignores it and gets dressed.
  98. (New character) Lily finds a wishing stone
  99. Messed His Pants
  100. Timmy
  101. Jim gets kidnapped
  102. Damien (New Character Begin)
  103. (New character) Rose wets the bed
  104. (New character) Rose wets the bed
  105. (New character) Rose wets the bed
  106. Jim shrugged it off. He had better things to worry about.
  107. Overwatch
  108. went to do battle with Dracula
  109. Three girls find a plant that puts them back in diapers
  110. (New story) Daisy back in nappies
  111. (New Story) Another Day at Spellman's All Female University
  112. Leslie (New Character, Not in 1st person anymore)
  113. Twokinds
  114. New Character (Jane)
  115. (New story) The TBDL relationship
  117. He da best
  118. Lol
  120. Decided to pick his nose
  121. Did you know?..
  122. A place for stories that got blocked...
  123. fantasy adventure
  124. Ignore the call and put on his diaper
  125. Simpsons edition
  126. Yeah I'm not sure I understand
  127. So is Fanfiction just allowed now?
  128. New story: Corbin
  129. Offshoot story: Dakota
  130. Jim just randomly becomes a baby
  131. ignored it and had breakfast
  132. Ignore it, It's halloween time
  133. (New Story) Emily's accident
  134. Family game night
  135. Lola (New Path)
  136. New story loud house fan fic
  137. New story loud house fan fic
  138. Help from the past
  139. Help from the past
  140. Jim goes to Rick's house
  141. (NEW STORY) Julie the Baby Lookalike
  142. Ignore it, he was feeling sick
  143. (New Story) Jenny the diaper girl.
  144. What whould happen if this site got a moderator
  145. (New Story) Lucy the bedwetter
  146. Jim goes back to sleep.
  147. Wet the bed during his sleep
  148. Hold Up Hold Up
  149. Lillian and her pullups.
  150. Ignored it, he was leaving for a week long vacation today.
  151. Marcus (New Story).
  152. (New Story) Space Mission
  153. (New Story) The Park
  154. Ignores the call and heads to the bathroom to get ready.
  155. (New story) Zootopia
  156. You blackout and later wake up sprawled on the ground of a strange room of pure white
  157. .
  158. Forget it, it’s christmas!
  159. earth is babified
  160. The Age Vampire
  161. Post apocalyptic AR story
  162. -
  163. Meg Griffin’s diaper dilemma.
  164. Catwoman (New story)
  165. Amy Rose’s Drama in Diapers
  166. (New story) world of dangers
  167. Ignore it, time for a hypnosis show
  168. Ignore it, time for a hypnosis show
  169. Ignore it, time for a hypnosis show
  170. Ignore it, time for a hypnosis show
  171. (New Story)ruby
  172. New Story (Amy)
  173. Weird college
  174. (New Story) Eternity
  175. It was a dream and Sharon wakes him up for cheating on her
  176. Abigail’s story on an island where diapers are mandatory till the age of 13.
  177. (New Story) Paige and Caitlin
  178. wrong number
  179. Tyler and his babysitter Clara (18+)

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