Little Jim and the Teenaged Terror

Infinite AR - Episode 19888

With his mother reduced to a boy crazy teenaged terror Jim didn't know what to expect. Or what to do! He soon learned what her next plan was though.

"So Jimmikens, I bet you're already trying to figure out how to turn me back into your mother aren't you? Huh?"

"Maybe" he murmured.

"Well, I've got a plan for that little unwanted circumstance."

Lily aimed the device at Jim and pressed a button. Soon, Jim was engulfed in the ray. He felt a chill as the effect began and noticed his thoughts getting cloudy. He could see the room getting bigger, though he knew it was really him getting smaller.

"Hey!" he protested in a higher voice. He knew no amount of protesting would stop this. He had to be smarter than that. He knew he had to think quickly or else he could end up in diapers. Lily looked bigger and bigger to him.

Mustering all he could to keep his mind focused he decided if he played along and pretended to be mentally regressed that was probably what Lily was looking for. He put his thumb in his mouth and started giggling.

"Can we go play?" he asked pretending not to care about the device any long although admittedly feeling a little excited about the idea of playing in the backyard for a while.

Lily released the button.

"That's more like it!" Lily said.

Jim was just glad his planned worked. He didn't know how much longer he could've held out. He was already wondering just how his mind had been affected. He could tell just by looking up at Lily that he was small child now. He eyed the device trying to remember how it operates and glad he still had his wits about himself to formulate a plan for later. Not only that but with him in this state Lily was likely to let her guard down. He looked at his invention knowing it's powers held the key to returning everything to normal.

"You know, like, you're a smart little rugrat... You wouldn't be pretending a little bit would you?" Lily asked "Maybe I should zap you a little more for good measure!"

Lily hit the button on the device and Jim felt the chill again. He knew he had to concentrate hard now. He looked back at the device and liked the pretty lights. He liked the shiny buttons too. And he liked the pretty girl that was aiming it at him.

"That should do" she said as she saw the blank expression on the toddler's face. "You went to the thumb in the mouth a too little soon before. But now you're about 3 years old so it looks a little more natural now."

Little Jimmy giggled childishly and motioned for Lily to pick him up.

  1. Lily Goes to the Mall
  2. Lily uses the device on herself again
  3. Little Lily returns
  4. Lily makes Jim even younger
  5. Something else

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