Teenaged Trouble

Infinite AR - Episode 19879

"Mom, what happened?" Jim asked "Can't you just change back?"

"Nuh huh. That mean old lady made me wittle with her magic"

"But you gotta try!" he pleaded.

"I'm too wittle now. It's hard to think 'bout anything 'cept playin' and stuff"

But you still know you're my mother so you have to know you're not really some little girl!"

"I am too a wittle girl! That poopy head changed me and I don't know how to change back. And big Lily says I'll have more fun now. She says the old me is all gone"

"Fun? This isn't about fun! I bet if you just give me my invention I could fix you..."

Lily shook her head and blinked. Her posture changed and she wiped the saliva from her thumb. "Well, trying to get a little tricky, huh? Your baby momma is kinda like back in her bed now with her Teddy bear. I told you- I am the one in charge now. Over my life AND over YOUR life. So get used to it! Now first things first, to get my youth back. Then to have some fun. You got a lot of cute friends. Maybe I should go out with a few of them? Is there any of them that you'd be interested in having as your step dad??"

Lily laughed as she saw the look on Jim's face.

"Oh c'mon on now... It's not like I'm exactly your mom anymore" she said and then looked at herself "well, not after a few seconds with your invention here".

And so Lily again used the device and began physically regressing. Into her 30's... into her late 20's... mid twenties... early twenties... and finally into her teenage years. Only this time she stopped before reaching the age of 15. Instead choosing to stop around 17 or 18 as best as Jim could tell.

"I figured I might meet more boys if I was just a little more mature" she said with an evil grin.

"But you're still 15 mentally... You're not more mature!"

"Well, I'm plenty mature and now my body is too!" she countered.

And with that Jim knew trouble was coming...

  1. Lily started calling boys
  2. Lily went to the mall
  3. Lily made Jim younger
  4. 3 year old Lily made a return
  5. Something else

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