Stuck in aging mode

Infinite AR - Episode 19869

As Jim looked on, his mother continued to move forward in time. "James dear, I still feel strange..." "I know mom, the trigger is stuck though," Jim answered, as he watched his mom racing toward fifty. More and more gray started showing in her hair, and fine lines began to deepen. He noted crow's feet and light under eye baggage, as his mom neared fifty."Really hon, it would help immensely if you could find your way to shutting that thing down. Also, I'd really appreciate it if you would turn the heat down. It's making me feel so uncomfortable at the moment.""I can do that," James said stepping over and turning on the air conditioning controls on the wall behind him and turning down the temperature in the room. A cool breeze gently wafted over them, and as Jim turned around he cringed."That is better my son...and my voice...," she added a bit more gravelly sounding," I even sound older don't I?" As he watched her near sixty, Jim realized that was not the half of it. Her hair had started gaining touches of white and she now had the start of jowls, as her breasts sagged a bit more and she had a touch more junk in the trunk as well. "Do these pants make my butt look too big dear? And, is there anything you can do for my vision, things are looking more blurry." Still unable to get the trigger to budge, Jim did manage to press a button or two and soon his mom sported lime green, cat's eye glasses with lot's of rhinestones on a beaded chain. "Oh my, how stylin," she noted, sounding more and more like a grandmother, as she examined the turkey waddle that now passed for a neck as she hit 66,"though I would really love it if you could halt this before I'm ready for the nursing home.Oh, and could you turn the heat up, it's so chilly in here." "Turn the heat down, turn the heat up.""Don't complain too much sweetie pie, you'll be this age someday as well." She also noticed...

  1. her clothes had changed too
  2. her mouth felt strange
  3. Jim had changed too
  4. Jim had managed to free up the trigger
  5. your choice--get creative and have fun with it

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1/8/2011 7:21:32 PM

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