Jim's Mother's Life in the Womb

Infinite AR - Episode 19778

Meanwhile Josie, Jim�s mother, was in a strange predicament. One minute, she was checking on her son and the next minutes she felt a blast from behind her back. She then felt a wave of warmth as she shrunk down into her clothes and then disappeared to nothingness. All the while, she can�t hear, she can�t speak, and she can�t think. It�s like her entire existence was long gone. All she could do now was feel everything around her.

For starters, Josie feels like she�s in two places at the same time. But then, one part of her was getting closer to the other part. After what felt like an eternity, she could feel her one part connected to her other part, making her feel completely whole again. For months, she could feel herself multiplying, regaining her form, growing both her arms and legs, and gain the ability to hear.

Within the seventh or eighth month, something strange happened. Unknown to scientists, a person�s memory can be stored in chemical form. Even though the brain isn�t big enough to process any thought, her life was stuck in the back seat until the brain is ready for development. In Josie�s case, it was true. As her fetal from grew and develop, she was beginning to have thoughts. They were simple at first, but escalated over time. Soon enough, she remembered words and numbers, pictures of her life slowly regaining in her mind, and her own history played back to her like a VCR fast forwarding a tape.

Finally after months of processing everything in her head, Josie finally woken up from her dreamful state. Even though she can�t speak with her mouth, she can still speak in her mind. She yawned in her head and said, �What a wonderful nap. Haven�t slept like this in a long time. Wait� Where am I? Why do I feel so wet? And warm?� She slowly opened her eyes, which were fully developed by now and observed her surroundings. Turns out, she was in some kind of sphere like bubble filled with warm liquid. She could also hear the sounds of a faint heartbeat in the background. Jim�s mother was a little confused at her surrounding until she felt something brushed up to her leg. She grabbed it with her tiny hand until she stopped midway after thinking about it. �Hold on�� she thought in surprise, �Tiny Hand?� She moved her hand to her face and discovered that her hand was tiny and there�s some veins on them, like her skin was transparent. Fear was starting to rise out of her body as she quickly grabbed whatever brushed her. Upon grabbing it, she inspected it and realized her fears were coming true. What she saw was an umbilical cord connected to her belly button. She immediately freaked out and screamed in mind�


She moved around uncontrollably and struggled to break free but it was completely meaningless. She even kicked the surface of the bubble a few times, making her unknown mother feel it from the outside. After a few minutes, she sighed in her mind and fined it impossible to escape. �Looks like I have to wait until I�m born again.� she thought as she started to change the subject, �Now, how did I get in the womb in the first place?� She kept on thinking about and remembered what happened before she got in this womb in the first place. She remembered going to her son�s room and check how he�s doing. When she saw him working on another invention, she turned back around and left the room to prepare dinner. But before she could leave, Jim told her to do something for her. The moment she turned to ask what, she was hit by a blast of light. The rest was pretty much a blur. After remembering the last moment, she finally came to a conclusion. �It�s Jim! He must�ve used the device he was making on me. I can�t believe he did that to me!�

Hours later, she stared out into space and began to contemplate this unexpected event that she�s in. �So my son invented a device that can change someone�s age.� She said in her mind, �And it worked. This is amazing! My son must�ve found a fountain of youth in a remote.� She felt incredibly happy that Jim has become a genius. But felt bad because he used the device on her without her permission. �That boy is going to be so much trouble after what he did to me.� Jim�s mother thought in anger, �The moment I�m born, he�s going to be grounded for life. But until then, maybe I should enjoy this peaceful life in this place. Hmm� I wonder who I�m in? I hope it�s not my mother cause she�ll freak out over it.� So she waited and wonder which woman is holding her. After what appeared to be an hour or so, she heard another thing in the background besides the heartbeat. From what she could understand is that there was some snoring along the way. After listening to it, Josie knew who was snoring.

�That snoring sounds like Sharon. She�s always a heavy snorer.� She thought to herself, remembering Sharon sharing a guest room once and heard her snoring through the walls. �So Sharon�s going to be my mother. But if that�s true, then my father is going to be�� Suddenly, another realization hits as she found out who her dad is going to be. �My SON!? Jim�s going to be the father? This is pretty unexpected.�

She continued to think this through and wonder what her predicament is. �So Jim used the device to make me young to the point of conception, have sex with his girlfriend, and I was created by them. This is some twist of fate. So now what happens? Am I going to be stuck like this and start all over again, or is Jim going to return me back to normal the moment I�m born?� After thinking about this, her eyelids started to grow heavy. Her guess is that all this time thinking had worn her out. �Well whatever choice Jim�s got to make, he has to pick it himself. Ask for me, I�m feeling a little sleepy again. I should take a nap and get use to all of this the next day. Night night�� She closed her eyes and began to sleep, letting Sharon�s heartbeat sooth her. She even sticked her little thumb in her mouth and began sucking it.

Meanwhile, outside the womb, Sharon was resting peacefully with Jim by her side. Ever since that incident with his mother and the unexpected sex with Sharon, things have been very complicated to him. For one, his father noticed that his wife was missing for days and called the police to search for her. In a number of weeks, both the police and the neighborhood searched high and low for her across town but didn�t find her at all. A month later, the search was off the feared the worse, not realizing that Jim�s mother was regressed to the point of conception.

Another thing that happened was that a few days after having sex, Sharon began to feel a little strange. She started to have some morning sickness, she was eating more then normal, and she�s always had a sour mood. Worried about her daughter, her mother took her to the doctor to see if there�s anything wrong with her. After a quick checkup and x ray, the doctor told them that Sharon was pregnant. A looked of shock came to their faces and couldn�t believe that Sharon was going to have a baby. A day later, Sharon called Jim and told him about the news. Since he knew that he was the one that started this mess, he told her that he�ll take care of her until the baby is born. Sharon was happy for him and knew he would make a good father.

For months, a lot of things have changed for both Jim and Sharon. First, the two began reading books in raising babies and went together to see their little bundle of joy in the sonogram. Their relationships changed from being friends to boyfriend and girlfriend and they hang out more then ever. Not to mention that they were talking about plans for the baby like setting up a nursery, get money for her college fund, and other baby endeavors.

Now, entering their seventh month, Sharon was laying on the bed placing her hand on her plumped stomach. She felt it moving for a little bit and smiled in delight. �Wow Jim,� she said in excitement, �It looks like our baby girl can�t wait to be born.� Jim looked at her and smiled as well saying, �Well, she has to wait for another two months. Can�t let her be born so early.� Sharon looked at him and nodded in agreement.

As they were on the bed, Sharon asked Jim something. �Hey Jim? We didn�t get a chance in naming our baby. What do you want to call her?� Jim placed his hand on his finger and began to ponder. There were a lot of names for girls, but he couldn�t stop and think about the predicament of his mother in Sharon�s womb. He missed his mother all of these months and thought maybe he can still hold on to her in some way. So he turned around and told his girlfriend, �How about Josie?� Sharon turned to her and was shocked by the answer. �Josie?� she said still surprised, �But that�s your mother�s name. Are you sure you want to name her after your mother?� Jim smiled and responded back. �Of course I�m sure. I know I miss her for months and the police believed that she either ran away or presumed dead. Being that I wanted to remember her, I think calling our baby girl that would be perfect.� Sharon�s eyes blinked a couple of times and still couldn�t believe it. He missed his mother, yet he wants to name their baby after her. It sounded a little bad. But you can�t forget the ones you love. So she smiled and kissed him in the cheek. �You are a nice man,� she said, �and a nice father too.� Soon enough, the two went to sleep and rested peacefully.

A few hours later, Jim woke up in the middle of the night and left the bed without disturbing his girlfriend. He then approached the dwares and opened it up slowly. There he took out the very same device he used on his mother. Everyday, he regrets making her a test subject and tried to find a way in getting her back. But the problem was how to do that? He can�t tell anyone that he regressed hit mother to being conceived and seeing how happy Sharon was that she was pregnant with his mother isn�t helping. Every night he wanted to use the device to hit her mother and bring her back to her original state. But that�s another problem. With her inside Sharon, he can�t risk hitting his girlfriend and making things a whole lot worse. So he decided that after her mother is born, he could use the device to get her back to normal. Placing the device back in the dware, he returned to bed and went to sleep next to Sharon.

  1. Two Months Later, Josie was Born
  2. Josie's Born One Month Early
  3. Josie was Born on the Same Night

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