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Infinite AR - Episode 19754

Jim stood there, amazed at what had happened to his mother when the ramifications hit him and he began to panic. Jim couldn't risk anyone finding out about this after what he had done to his mother and in realising this, he turned the gun onto his 6 month old mother and shot her with the regression setting, watching in hope that it would work. And work the ray did, younger and younger did the baby get, slipping backwards in months as the clothes seemed to cover the young one until they stopped moving and Jim's crotch began to tingle and his cock began to get erect as he blinked, slowly unzipping his jeans to reveal an impressive erection as the colour of the blast that had hit his mum now was around his cock as he experienced a reverse ejaculation of cum that was in no doubt the seed that would make his mum.

  1. Jim's Girlfriend has come to visit and she is horny.
  2. Jim didn't realise that now he was getting younger.
  3. Jim's so horny that he masturbates his mums seed.

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12/21/2010 2:23:45 AM

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