Jim wants his mom back

Infinite AR - Episode 19740

Jim pulls the trigger, a beam fires out, engulfing Lily, �Jim! No, stop! Im sorry! Just let me stay young!� she cries, but Jim doesnt listen, as she grows out of her teenage years and into her 20s she grows slightly taller, her breasts and hips increase slightly, �Jim, dont go on� she cries out �20 is a compromise right Im technically an adult but Im still young� Jim notices her skirt is getting tighter, but continues firing. As she accelerates into her 30s her breasts are beginning to sag and her skirt is straining to contain her now womanly hips. �Stop it! Stop it!� Lily cries, �I dont want to be that hag, I told you!� she suddenly shakes her head, �Dont listen to her Jim! Youve got to get me back to normal� It seems his mothers personality is beginning to take back. Jim continues as she finally reaches her original age, her breasts now noticeably sagging, her hair starting to grey and a slight layer of fat covering her body. She was back be being his mother, �Thank you so much Jim!� she smiled, �Shes gone, Im back now�

  1. Everything is back to normal, except for his mother's clothes.
  2. Her teenage persona is still there, she takes control again
  3. The trigger is stuck, Lily keeps aging!
  4. The Gypsy woman comes out of her tent after hearing the commotion
  5. Other

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1/8/2011 3:40:58 PM

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