Corporal Punishment For Children

Infinite AR - Episode 1967

"Now stop your crying," his father snapped. "Do you remember how to fix the gun or not?"

Jim's lip trembled. "N-no... I don't 'member anyfing 'cept from when I was liddle."

His dad sighed. "Well, now look at what you've done. Little Kati's a baby and we've got to raise you all over again. Do you have any idea how much school bills cost?"

Jim looked down at his feet in shame. "Yes, daddy."

"I think you need to be taught a real lesson," his mummy said. "Jimmy, come here."

Jim looked up to see his mother sitting down on a chair. He knew what was coming up but it wasn't like he had a choice, so he trudged over to her.

She picked him up by the armpits and draped him over her lap. Jim struggled a little but she kept a tight grip. He had a great view of his mother's legs and he was trapped.

His mummy pulled down his pants to reveal his cartoon-print underwear and started spanking him with her hand. Each blow stung hard and he thrashed out his legs to try and get away. "Sto-hop it!" he shouted. "I'm sorry, mummy!" She ignored him and continued smacking her five-year-old son.

Jim was helpless. All knowledge from his adulthood was gone and he resigned to accept his new role as a scolded child. After all, he had to be disciplined when he did the wrong thing. His mother spanked him for another twenty seconds or so, then finally stopped.

"Okay," she said, pulling him up to her knee. "It's over now, Jimmy."

She held him close and hugged him until he stopped crying.


  1. His dad returned telling them Jimmy was already signed up for kindergarten.
  2. Jimmy regressed again, this time into a baby.

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