A travel agency

Infinite AR - Episode 19580

jim whanted to visit a new travel agency that had opend in the mall. apon entering the shop, thinking about a trip he whanted to get for him and sharon starting Jun 1 as it was summer vacation. "hello can i help you" said a voice. Jim was thinking as he enterd the store and forgot about the woman behind the desk. looking up "yes, i am here to..." jim trailed off as he got a good look at the teen. she had on a pink hello kitty shirt, with a skirt, but what got jim was behind her was a mirror, and in the mirror jim could see the girl had a wight bulge sticking out of the bottom of her skirt that reminded jim of a diaper. "well" the teen replyed, "we have 3 destonations, one is to an iland, the second is to new theme park that just opend up called babyland, and the third is to a holoday resort in Niagra falls" said the teen. as Jim was thinking he watched as the girl blushed a little as Jim heard what sounded like water. Jim thought she had peed her diaper. Jim opend his mouth and said...

  1. the iland sounds nice
  2. the theme park sounds good (AR only)
  3. i like the niagra falls place sounds great (Ar and Ap only)
  4. Jim asked why the girl was diapered
  5. jim asked about the iland

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11/22/2010 12:42:37 AM

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