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Infinite AR - Episode 19579

Jim was about to anwser when the trance hit full force, "a..." he said starting to drool. The recetionist smiled, "Right now..." She said getting up and going to the side of Jim. She looked at his drool line and smiled, "Oh, you've given me an idea, Okay okay, Your a baby and I'm your mommy" she said as Jim nodded. She started to rub his back, "You'll always want to potty train but you can't even feel when you poo so you'll always fail. You will wear thick diapers with the cutest desines and always show off them to all vistors and your mommy!" she said noticing a bulde start to form in jim's pants, it was odd how a diaper apperaed on him, but it didnt' matter as the bulge continued and the receptionist knew she'd need to change a diaper.

The receptionist looked to Jim's clothes, "And you'll wear only the cutest onsies and sleepers, that'll give old mommy a good look at your diapers at all times." She looked down to see his pants melting away and his shirt becoming a light shade of blue. She looked down to see the diaper peaking out of the sides of the onsie, she pulled back the side to see the back print, she saw half of a little confused baby looking at a potty. Smiling she looked to the front to see what made the onsie cute, "Hey what gives there's nothing-" she said as a sweet looking bear, "daww..."

After gushing over how cute her victom had become she cleared her throat, "Okay finnaly you can't walk without mommy helping you and you're such a little sook who loves his mommy that you'll never want to be in another room without her!" She said with a grandous snap. Jim fell to his bum, "Mamma..." he said reaching his hands up to the woman. The woman smiled and picked him up, returning to her post, "I love this job..." she said as she gave her new son some plastic keys to munch on.

  1. Another customer
  2. Jim snaps out of it
  3. The hypnotist comes out and sees jim
  4. The hypnotists comes out and doesn't see jim
  5. Something else

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