Jim Sees the options.

Infinite AR - Episode 19575

Jim says "um could I see the options for what your hypnotist can do please?" The secretary just nods and hands him a 1' by 5" folded paper. The paper unfolded into a 1' by 15" peace of paper with all the options on 5 of the 6 sides the 6th showing a list of Warnings to becareful of later after any option was used. The first big Warning was that about half the people who where hypnotized lost the ability to think like the age they started with about an hour after being hypnotized the first time. The second was how some people felt the need for more then one change needed to happen a week after the first one. The third was that about 30% of the people who got changes made them lose the will to live by themselves, and sometime they asked a bf (best friend) or a gf (girl friend) / bf (boy friend) to take care of them in some way other then family love or sex. The fourth warned that if you tried to have the changes undone at someplace else that that person would lose the right to live their life as they had before any changes occurred. : At the end of all the warnings it wished that person a good day. Jim was kind of wondering if he should before changing something about himself he like instead of something he did not like.

  1. Option 1: To have you mind go back to the way it was as a (baby,toddler,young teen,mid teen) age set.
  2. 2: have your ability to use the restroom controlled by key words.
  3. 3: have parts of your body work only when a sirtin word spoken.
  4. 4: have your childhood memories refreshed to be as clear as if they had just happened the day before.
  5. 5: have them take a way an emotional problem you have had for most of your life.

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