A world of baby girls?

Infinite AR - Episode 1941

Jim's faced turned white in horror as Sharon simply padded him on the diaper with her hand.  This seemed to just speed the whole process up, as Jim felt his bladder lose control filling the diaper whilst he grew taller and taller and became a baby girl.

Jim cried out, he didn't want to be a baby girl, but it was now too late, he was dragged by Sharon outside to the other baby girls who proceeded on all fours down to the local shopping centre.

The sight of oversized baby girls drew attention from the crowd at the shopping centre, but it was only for a moment as men and women, boys and girls soon found themselves all in same outfits and fast turning into oversized baby girls.

The baby girl army just procceeded to advance, regressing everyone in their sight.

  1. It was then Jim woke up
  2. The world turned into oversized baby girls
  3. Jim left the group, trying to find a solution to this
  4. Something random happens

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12/30/2005 9:07:27 PM

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