Even Younger Mom...

Infinite AR - Episode 19397

Jim wasn't really sure why his Mom wanted to be younger (especially considering how cute she looked at the moment), but watching her regress had both intrigued and aroused him, so he was happy to oblige her.

Turning the dial on the ray, he fired it at the pretty 15 year-old. She began to shrink in size, and her capri pants fell the rest of the way off of her legs, to pool at her feet. Her bare legs became slender and coltish, and her hips narrowed.

This caused his mother's white panties to slide down her legs as well, and he caught a glimpse of her crotch- her pubic hair was changing color before his eyes, going from brown to blonde, even as it began to recede, becoming finer.

At that point, another growth spurt was reversed, and her tank top now covered her all the way to mid-thigh. Her breasts shrank away to almost nothing, and one of her shoulders was now bare, a strangely alluring sight.

Her hair had become completely blonde at this point, and the girl (because there was no way she could be his mother, could there?) grinned mischievously, her eyes bright. Her features were more delicate now, and her short hair made her look even younger.

She shrank another few inches, and then the transformation stopped, the ray powering down. The girl rubbed her hand along her arm.

"Wow...my skin...it's so smooth and soft!" She giggled, and kicked her pants off of her feet. The action caused her right sock to slide off of her foot entirely, as well as cause her to lose her panties.

She seemed to ignore Jim as she walked to the mirror on his closet door, her hips swaying slightly as she did (despite the fact she now had almost no hips to speak of), which sent confused signals to Jim's already addled (and fully aroused) mind.

The girl smiled at herself in the mirror, running her fingers idly through her hair. "I was completely blonde until I was 13, when it started to go brown. It was so long back then...but I guess short hair isn't bad."

To Jim's shock, she then pulled off the tank top, tossing it aside. She was now almost completely naked, except for one baggy left sock.

Her chest was as flat as a boy's, with small pink nipples. She rubbed them, which caused her back to arch slightly and her eyes to half-close. She made a soft moaning sound.

"Oh God, that feels so good!" Her right hand then slid down her body, as she stroked her crotch, which was now completely hairless.

"Mm...oh!" She turned to face him, her cheeks blushing. "I'm sorry, Jimmy, that was bad of me. It just feels so good to be this young again!"

"I...uh..." Jim's brain simply locked up.

Seemingly unconcerned by her nudity, the girl walked towards him. She was tiny, he realized, a lot smaller than he'd expect a 12 year-old girl to be. Some rational part of his mind still functioned, and he guessed her to be about 4' 4".

Standing next to him, the girl looked up at him, a bit puzzled, as she came to the same realization.

"I wasn't this short...I think there's something wrong with your widget." Then she looked downward, seeing his swollen crotch. She grinned like a cat.

"But that widget seems to work just fine."

"MOM!" Jim managed to blurt out. "What's wrong with you?!"

The girl blinked. "I...I'm not sure. I know I shouldn't be acting this way, but..." She put a hand to her forehead. "Maybe I should sit down..."

Jim placed a hand on her shoulder, and took her hand, leading her to his bed. It was a fairly tall bed, over 3', and he had to help her up onto the mattress. Every time he touched her body, he felt light-headed, but he forced himself to remember who she really was.

(For fuck's sake, man! She gave BIRTH to you!)

"Thank you, Jimmy." She turned, and perched on the edge of his bed, her feet dangling off the floor. She crossed her ankles, and demurely placed her hands in her lap (which was good, because another glance at her bare pussy would probably give Jim a nosebleed!).

"This is so strange. I remember growing up, having a family...I remember that I'm your mother, but...it's like a really vivid dream, not something that's real. Why is that?"

"I'm not sure, I...I haven't really tested the age changer much. I mean, it works, and it's safe...damn it, I shouldn't have used you as a guinea pig!"

The girl made a face. "Ugh, I used to have a guinea pig, nasty creatures. Can I be a lab rat instead? When we lived in Texas, I had a pet rat. Much cleaner."

Jim's eyes felt like they were going to jump out of his head. "You wouldn't even let us have a dog, and you had a rat?"

She smiled at him. "Well...I was a real tomboy when I was younger. I guess I kind of grew out of it. Too bad, really."

She sobered and bit her lower lip. "Jim...do I have to go back? I...I like myself this way so much better. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the woman I became, but...she's so tired all the time, and never has any fun."

Jim pulled over his computer chair and sat down. "Uh...I don't know..."

  1. "...what about your job?"
  2. "...what about Dad?"
  3. "...what about Katie?"
  4. "...well, sure, why not?"
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