It restores thier age...but with a catch.

Infinite AR - Episode 1911

It didn't take him long to fix the invention, it seemed the memory loss was temporary. Upon finishing he was eager to be his own age agian, so after a few rushed simulations he used it on himself With a bright flash he is back to his former hight. "Yes!" He exclaimed. To excited to notice the change in his voice he aimed at Kati. Wum..Jim.She started to say still upset, but it was to late. Once again the light flashed and when it faded Jim say a thriteen year old BOY standing across from "him." Jim gasped in a soft voice. They both looked in the mirror and saw a that while thier age was restored thier genders had swapped.

  1. Kati runs into "her" room embaressed.
  2. Jim decides to see the town like this.
  3. Jim realizes they can't change back.
  4. Mom and Dad approve of this change.

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