Teen Meanie

Infinite AR - Episode 18987

"What the f*ck did you do to me you freak?" Jamie's Mom said as she tried to understand where she was and what had just happened.

In only a few moments she had went from a dowdy middleaged woman to a teen. Jamie obviously had seen the transformation process before but it still was amazing watching the magical powers of the gun. Her mother now looked like she had been ripped from the pages of a 1980's Seventeen Magazine. She had big, teased hair. Longer and lighter than Jamie had ever seen it. She was wearing a bleached denim jacket with a speckling of rhinestones. Pink and yellow layered tank tops. Lots of jewelry, most of which was oversized and a little gaudy. There was a pink bandana tied around her wrist. Her nails were brightly painted. Her jeans had turned into a fringed denim mini-skirt. On her feet were a pair of plastic shoes that Jamie recognized from the Goodwill store as something called "Jellies". And she was chewing, and popping, on her gum.

"Wow, It Came From the Eighties!" Jamie said and laughed but it was no laughing matter to the new teen in the room. In fact, as far as her mind knew it was the 80's!

"Yeah, well gag me with a spoon, bitch cuz you're nothing to look at!" she shot back understanding Jamie was making a crack about her looks. "How'd I get here and where IS here?" she asked.

"You don't remember?"

"Remember what, you freak! You're some kind of spazz! You, like, did it with that didn't you?" she said and pointed to Jamie's gun.

Before Jamie could answer her teen mother lunged for it and....

  1. Turned herself back to normal
  2. Turned Jamie back into Jim
  3. Regressed Jamie
  4. Regressed them both
  5. Decided to get back home before she got in trouble

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Ross Erger

8/26/2010 10:14:26 PM

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