Dinner time for a changing family

Infinite AR - Episode 18980

As the dinner hour wore on, things were becoming increasingly difficult for Kati as she had to deal with the older women.

Fortunately, Jamie still had her full mental capacity as she hit 84 years old. Her only issue was her fingers as arthritis impaired her. However, she tried her best to power through her meal, because she knew Kati would have her hands full. Plus, she was just happy to be here with her grandchildren.

Kati, at 47 -- still slender and blonde, an attractive woman for middle age -- was beginning to realize that having Great-Grandma Nikki here was probably the wrong move. Blind, nearly deaf and senile, Nikki should be in a home, Kati realized. She had to ignore her dinner to essentially feed the 86-year-old woman.

"I've got to call the nursing home," Kati thought reluctantly as she cut up the elderly woman's vegetables.

Across the table, another dynamic shift was happening as the age gap between Josie and Dave grew, while the gap between Josie and Donna -- as well as between Donna and Dave -- decreased.

Donna had become a beautiful teenager, and at 16 had long, curly, strawberry-red hair tied back in a ponytail. She was as busty as she returned to adulthood as she had been the first time growing up. In fact, she was bustier than 18-year-old Josie. 13-year-old Dana’s shirt was completely tight on her, accentuating her curves. As her hips returned to adulthood, however, Dana’s shorts were beginning to dig into Donna, but she ignored it – mostly because, like everyone else, she was oblivious to the age changes.

Josie, meanwhile, was losing interest in what Dave was saying, despite her crush on him, and became friendlier and friendlier with Donna. At 18, she had lost nearly 15 pounds as she became a gangly teenager with perky boobs, and her clothes were much looser. But Donna and Josie’s bond increased greatly as they drifted toward each other in age, as if they had been fast friends throughout high school. And technically, that had been true – the two HAD been friends for 20 years, but 2 days ago these were women in their 40s. Now they were teenagers – one rapidly regressing, one rapidly aging.

Dave, meanwhile, had hit 27, and his mind was beginning to restructure his feelings for his now former wife and former girlfriend Josie. Sure, she was a cute, but she was a kid, barely 18, much too young for him. In fact, as the out of control changes continued to affect him, he was becoming less and less clear about his relationship to this “family” … why was he here? He shook it off, though, and helped Katie as needed with her ailing grandmother, Nikki. The 2 helped the decrepit woman from the kitchen table to a bed upstairs.

“Thank you for your help, Dave,” Kati said. “You’re a nice young man. But this next part … I have to do myself. You don’t need to help me take my grandmother to the bathroom.”

Meanwhile downstairs, 13-year-old Dana, still the only one not changing, began to clear the table, completely oblivious to the changes still. In her mind, she was enjoying a great day with her teenage sisters, her mother, two of her grandmothers, and a family friend. And it had been a great day…

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