That makes a change!

Infinite AR - Episode 189

Jim had invented a mind switching machine. Months before, the idea had just popped into his head. Jim hadn't been more then a dabbler with electronics, but he woke up one night after a bad day at work, and the way it could work just hit him. He spent hours frantically drawing plans with the first pencil and paper he could get his hands on, and then months tracking down parts. But now it was ready.

He'd have to get his friends over to try it of course. They'd never believe him of course, but that would make the big moment all the more fun. Jim put the first helmet on his head, despite the other one being empty and...

  1. The doorbell rings.
  2. The machine starts and he swaps minds with someone far away.
  3. Someone appears in Jims room.
  4. The machine does something totally unexpected.
  5. SE=Something else.

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11/23/2005 5:32:57 AM

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