KND Operation: J.I.M.M.Y. part 1

Infinite AR - Episode 18882

Jumping Into Massive Mysteries of Yesterday. Finally the two stop at a gum-ball machine. "Were're here." Abby says. "Gum?" Jim asks, confused and a little annoyed "Is THAT why you dragged me here!?" Ignoring Jim's comment, she presses her left thumb on the metal flap were the gum comes out. To Jim's surprise, he hears a sound like something being scanned, followed by a ping, and a computerized female voice that says "I.D. confirmed, welcome Numbuh Five of Sector V. Please proceed." Before Jim has time to react any further, the gum-ball machine rises up, revealing a hole just big enough for them, and a poll to slide down. "'Yall can be impressed later," Abby said "now come on!" So the two kids slide down to the bottom. They then run down a dimly lit hallway, and at last, enter a huge room at the very end of it. What Jim sees next leaves him speechless - there are computers and gadgets everywhere, and weirdest part is that kids Abby's age or younger are at the monitors, typing and running every thing like pros! "Jimmy," Abby says " this is the Kids Next Door, or K.N.D. for short." "Kids next door?" Jim asks, more than a little confused. "Well actually," Abby explains "this is just a small out-post." "You see," she continued "we here at the K.N.D. dedicate ourselves to battling adult tyranny, and fighting for the rights of kids everywhere!" "Wow... I never would've guessed that - WAIT!" Jim said in surprise "How do you know my name? " "It shows up in our archives," she said "along with your picture, and everything you did as a member of the K.N.D." "I was a member?" Jim asked "But why don't I remember any of it?" "It's 'cause you were decommissioned." she says "When agents reach a certain age, they'er taken to a decommissioning chamber, where there memories of being an agent are wiped clean, that way they can't fall into the wrong hands!" "Well if THAT'S true," Jim asked "then why are you telling me all this?" "Because," Abby says, with a serious look on her face "your past just may be the key to our future!" She then takes him to.....

  1. The Sector V treehouse
  2. The K.N.D. Moon base
  3. he wakes up (this won't link to Episode 1)
  4. Chaos Dice 1

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